Experimenting w/ Hitler

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Q: Hitler – Ripe for comedy or still taboo?



  • Exhibit B: Cats that look like Hitler and a new exhibit in Germany.

A: What is the answer? Is there one? You tell me.


Gallup poll finds congressional approval at all-time low

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On Dec. 15, Gallup released a study that found that the vast majority of American citizens disapprove of Congress. 83% of those polled felt that members of the House and Senate were/are failing to do their jobs. Only 13% approve. That number is the lowest congressional approval rating since Gallup began tracking suck figures in 1975.

I may or may not pen a short rant about this later, but right now I’d like to see what my readership has to say. Posting here or on Facebook is more the sufficient.

Top 10 Quotes from my Readers About Social Media (via Adventures in Technology)

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A helpful list of what readers of a technology blog in Vancouver, B.C. have said on Social Media. Enjoy!

Top 10 Quotes from my Readers About Social Media Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adding value to my posts. Congratulations on making the Top 10 lists of quotes relating to social media. Blogging about upcoming events and follow-up blog posts help me gain visitors Zemanta is really cool – they suggest links, tags, and pictures. typhoidterri Research like minded communities and keywords in both the blog wor … Read More

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