Things you see at a college paper

In UAF on August 30, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Heather Bryant is always working. Photo by Jeremia Schrock.

Things happen in an office; cool things, busy things, mellow things, hectic things. The office of the UAF Sun Star  (located in the Wood Center, suite 101G) is no different.

Last evening saw the crew “put the paper to bed”, slang for “we got the issues done.” Our editors (Andrew and Heather) were here until 3AM.

Now is the Wood Center Live event. Myself, Andrew, Heather and Kelsey are all gathered here. “Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers” is playing lively music on the record player (yes, record player). We feel…cool.The gang talks about cigars, fedoras and dancing. Are all newspaper families teams families like this?

Heather is already tackling the new issue. Next weeks issue. If there was an award for MVP she would get it.

Andrew is trying to figure out how tomorrow’s Fred Meyer Student Night is going to work with us not having press passes. Do we print temp ones? Do we go in lanyard-free, so to speak? He decides to print temp ones.

Kelsey is cruising XKCD and listening to her own tunes. She keeps an ear out to us, following our late night planning-babble.

Earlier in the evening we had two new faces stop by – a writer and a photographer. Our cool ASUAF president, Nikki C, stopped by to chat. She was also handing out condoms.

Is there a cooler campus in Alaska? – I don’t think so.

  1. Indeed there is no cooler campus, both literally and figuratively!

    • hey, we were all browsing xkcd (and I was also preparing for a story….10% of the time)… but yes, I’m so glad we had people interested in helping out with the paper, and it was fun to chat amongst ourselves in the downtime.

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