Artists dreams hit the paint

In Art, UAF on August 31, 2010 at 4:49 pm

This afternoon I sat down with Jenny Day (literally, on the floor of the Art Gallery) to discuss her thesis exhibition Copulated Nightmares Androgynous Daydreams. We didn’t have chairs, but who needs chairs when you have art?

A non-rhetorical question: what do dreams have to do with Day’s art? Honestly, quiet a bit. While Day cites life and it’s experiences as fodder for her canvas, her biggest influence is her dreams.  For more on that, however, you’ll have to flip open next weeks issue of the Sun Star.

While both the Daily News-Miner and our own college paper are covering the event, there is no way that some of her more visually interesting (and more “risque”) pieces will be published in a mainstream publication. It is for reasons like this that my blog exists. Below is a sample of 8 of her 53 pieces (which are all for sale, by the way) that I thought were pretty damn cool and worthy of mention.

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