Joe Miller: The Issues Breakdown

In Political on September 1, 2010 at 11:26 pm

A vandalized Murkowski sign sits on College Rd. prior to August 24th's election primary. Photo by Jeremia Schrock.

It goes without saying that this election cycle will see Alaska’s senatorial delegation receive something of a surprise face lift. Just whose face will be lifted up to the ranks of the United States Senate remains hotly debated. However, it is the opinion of this blogger that every Alaskan citizen of voting age know just who their voting for and why. Therefore, I intend to straighten the political learning curve by reducing candidates issues to their simplest forms followed by a short explanation of what those candidates mean. These posts are not meant to be definitive, but instead are intended to act as a laypersons guide to the 2010 senatorial election in Alaska.


The “Issues” page on Mr. Miller’s website highlights the four primary tenants which make up Mr. Miller’s platform.

1. He is a strict constitutionalist. Miller believes that the US should follow the constitution as set down by the original signers in 1787. What he does not say, however, is if he believes that all amendments since 1787 should be repealed.

I will work to limit Washington to the constitutional powers anticipated by our Founders…the only answer is to return our federal government to the limits prescribed by our Constitution. ¬†Federal powers not specified in the Constitution are reserved to the States by the 10th Amendment.

2. He wants to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (commonly called “ObamaCare”). Miller believes that individuals should pay for their own health care with the exception being in the event of a “catastrophic” incident.

I will support reform legislation that is market-based and incentivizes individual responsibility. One major aspect of this reform must include allowing and promoting a system of robust employer and/or self-funded tax-free health savings accounts.

3. Against the trading of emissions (i.e. Cap and Trade). Miller believes that offering economic incentives in order to reduce the amount of pollution is unconstitutional, citing that the evidence for climate change is inconclusive.

We need good science, and a long-term climate trajectory before we jump in and make decisions that will profoundly affect the lives of ordinary Alaskans. California has already passed a Cap and Trade law, which has made it even more expensive to do business there and has increased unemployment.

4. Pro-Life. Miller believes that life begins at conception. He has also stated that he is against abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

In July 2006, Senator Murkowski voted in favor of the Stem Cell Research and Enhancement
Act of 2005 (HR 810) which attempted to use Federal funds to support the destruction of living
human embryos for medical research. – From Miller’s “Letter to Pro-Life Supporters”.

Miller also believes/supports the following:

  1. A Smaller government
  2. A more strict immigration policy
  3. The Second Amendment
  4. A phasing out of Social Security
  5. That hate crime laws violate the constitution
  6. Global Warming is not man-made
  7. Unemployment benefits are unconstitutional
  8. The Department of Education should be shut down

Official endorsements have come from: Mike Huckabee, Sarah and Todd Palin, Laura Ingraham, John Coghill, Tammie Wilson, Wes Keller, Fred Dyson and Tea Party Express.

All quotes can be found on Joe Millers website:

For further reading:

  1. Thank you Jeremia, for taking the time to write this post. I feel as you do that every person of voting age should a) freaking vote and b) know exactly what their candidate’s platforms are. You seem to have pretty nicely cut through the fat and gotten to the most basic parts of Miller’s platform. I look forward to seeing what you write for the other candidates.

  2. […] State Politics: Scott McAdams and Lisa Murkowski position overviews (to match the one I did for Joe Miller). History: What Norwegian Vikings Can Tell Us About Masculinity; something with Teddy Roosevelt […]

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