Okay Tea Party, Let’s Talk

In Political on September 23, 2010 at 11:49 pm

The Tea Party is a convenient “party” primarily because, to be part of it, you don’t have to think. All you have to do is be angry at something and to do what you’re told. Why? Because it’s easier to carry out orders then to question them. Easier to be thought-for then to be thoughtful.

But, angry at what? Angry at the economy, the government, “big business”, Obama, health-care, abortion, feminism and anything that appears to jeopardize ones set of core (yet, unclear) beliefs. Go ahead and be angry, I say, but know why you’re angry. Know what orders you follow and why.

What are these core Tea Party beliefs? Abstract ideas like “values” and “family”. Single-voter issues like Second Amendment rights and abortion. The idea that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “ObamaCare” (which has negative connotations) is harmful to families. The idea that the supposed “all loving” Christian God of a handful of “Christian” extremists is the One True God…who apparently hates homosexuals and anyone who disagrees with Him. Are you finding your “god” in the Old Testament or the New? Wasn’t Jesus all about brotherly love and turning the other cheek (Matthew 5:39)?  The idea that the followers of Islam, who are currently constructing the Park51 community center and mosque, are the same followers of “Islam” as those who attacked the World Trade Center almost a decade ago. Yes, a decade ago. And what do we have to show for it? Two wars, trillions in debt, and a “double-dip” recession. Iraq is now a sick man in the Middle East, and Afghanistan remains in tatters.

The individuals who believe in the above are the same people who will gladly take their Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD’s) while demanding the “guvment” kindly remove themselves from their lives.

But, Tea Party folk, I ask you this:

Who hands you your PFD? Who offers student loans for your children? Who maintains the road system? Who insures pharmaceutical companies adequately test their medication? Who insures organic food is, indeed, organic? Who maintains the local animal shelter? Who provides a police force that one can call upon at any hour of any day? Who maintains our judicial system? Who maintains the armed forces who, by the way, receive an enlistment bonus, health insurance, and housing at a reduced rate (on top of receiving a salary)? Who puts out forest fires? Who maintains Medicare (health insurance for those over 65)? Who maintains Medicaid (health insurance for low income households)? Who prints our money?

Who, you ask, does all of this?

The socialist government that has been a feature of this country since before socialism was even a word.

I would end this blog by inviting Tea Partiers to flip open a copy of Websters Dictionary or perhaps to serf Wikipedia (and not Conservapedia) for a spell. All in the name of better understand of their own beliefs, where they come from and why they have them. If you’re willing to hollar and shout, don’t you want to at least know why you end up with a sore throat?

I’m willing to hear you out, if you’re willing to hear me out. Can we make a deal?

  1. they never will. untill someone tells them to.

  2. “police force”–> We’re supposed to call it the “service” now; Official Vocab Guidelines state that “force” is too aggressive.

  3. I love this, minus the incorrect parts about the Army. The Army does not have free housing or healthcare (it comes out of their salaries) and an enlistment bonus is no different than a bonus you would get working anywhere else (except many businesses offer a yearly bonus, the army only offers one) and many people don’t get it. The health care is also not for life, it is only while the soldier is active duty. Once their service is up or they are retired, it is no longer cheap or automatically deducted from paychecks. And I don’t know what you mean by “food”, since all military personnel pay for their own groceries unless overseas, in which case they eat dry packed meals such as crackers and peanut butter. And though there are many branches of the military, the Army being only one, Army soldiers are deployed on average 50% of the time (1 year out of every two years) and must submit to Stop-Loss, so I think it’s a fair trade.

    Otherwise, I really agree with this. Another great post.

    • Thanks for the corrections, Alex. I have since edited my post based on the information that you and Jamie have provided. Jamie’s father was formerly in the Air Force so there may be some differences between them and the Army.

      I will say that while those serving in the Army do have to buy their own food, they do so at a reduced cost. I’ve shopped at the Commissary on Wainwright and I know that, when compared to Fred Meyer or Safeway, it is incredibly inexpensive (for most things).

      Personally, while many businesses offer a yearly bonus, I know for a fact that I have never received one and have to pay for my own health insurance out of pocket. Those in the military (at least the Air Force) receive it for free. Also, MRE’s are pretty tasty, actually…and are not just “crackers and peanut butter.”

      Thank you for reading, though. I’m very thankful for your feedback because it has helped to make the post that much more accurate and factual!

  4. Yes, there is HUGE difference between the Army and the Air Force. So much so, that when the Air Force has to live in Army housing, they are payed BAH as compensation for “sub-standard” living, their deployments are far less frequent and average between 3-6 months. Getting into the Air Force is much harder though, as they have more strict guidelines and standards.

    I wasn’t trying to champion the Army, I do agree with what you stated. However, in the Army, approximately $600 is taken from each month’s paycheck for housing, and the housing may as well be a colony for ants. They are small and stacked up on each other in 4 and 8-plexes, unless you are an officer which requires a bachelor’s degree.

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