Miller security detains editor

In Political on October 17, 2010 at 8:50 pm

I take a hiatus from that deliciously unsupervised use of free speech called “blogging” only to come back to this.

I’m going to saunter casually out onto a limb and say that the handcuffing and detention of Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger by Joe Miller’s personal security detail is going to be the biggest surprise of this years election cycle. Bigger then Miller’s probably firing from the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Bigger then Miller’s desire to repeal every constitutional amendment since 1789.

I’m calling it: it appears as if Joe Miller has become so frustrated by Alaska’s free press that he is going out of his way to silence it. He refuses to answer any questions about his past and now he has his personal security (from the Drop Zone security firm in Anchorage) handcuff and ‘arrest’ a member of the free press. At a public event nonetheless!

How will Lisa Murkowski and Scott McAdams’ camps respond to the incident? I look forward to hearing Miller’s defense/apology within the next day or so. If he waits any longer, however, he may as well call it quits.


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