From the Press Section: Miller v. McAdams

In Fashion, Political, UAF on October 23, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Here are a few things I noticed during last night’s (Oct. 22) senatorial debate between candidates Joe Miller (R) and Scott McAdams (D) in the Schaible Auditorium at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. Lisa Murkowski (I)was invited to the event, but declined. According to a Facebook friend of mine, Murkowski was visiting veterans at the Pioneer Home.

Joe Miller gesticulates during an Oct. 22 debate hosted by ASUAF.

Concerning Miller:

  • The Gear: Business-casual. Blue jeans with a sport coat is the choice for a candidate trying to look both relaxed and professonal. I believe he should have worn a darker button-up. It would have added to his mystique and bearded gents, in my opinion, always look better in darker solid colors.
  • The Voice: Miller is Yale and West Point educated. If anyone should have a measured and punctuated speaking voice it should be an academically trained commissioned military officer. Such an individual has been trained at giving orders and giving them well.
  • The Message: He answered some questions, but generally stuck to his talking points.
  • The Kicker: He is an intimidating guy. More then once I found myself determined to hold eye-contact with him. He has piercing eyes and hates the media (which was the capacity I was in).
  • Heard Afterward: “He’s as slick as shit.”

Scott McAdams during an Oct. 22 debate at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks.

Concerning McAdams:

  • The Gear: Business. McAdams was, to copy-cat How I Met Your Mother, “politically-suited up!” The suit was alittle too “standard Democrat” for my taste, but the tie was fantastic. As was the state of Alaska lapel pin. I would recommend McAdams dress down a bit more. I’m not saying blue-jeans and a flannel, just not a typical politicians get-up.
  • The Voice: His voices wavers at moments, but is generally measured. When he get’s going on an issue he’s passionate about it and it shows.
  • The Message: Answered a majority of the questions without relying heavily on his talking points.
  • The Kicker: His message and ideas were strong but he lacked pizazz. He could stand to thump the podium a little more often.
  • Heard Afterward: Me: “Who do you think won the debate?” A Pub Patron: “The guy with the Hitler-stache!”

If you attended the debate and have thoughts you’d like to sure (whatever they may be) feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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