Joe Miller’s Resignation Documents RELEASED

In Political on October 26, 2010 at 9:53 pm

This just in: As it says in the title, the documents pertaining to Joe Miller’s resignation have been released. The release came about after Judge Winston Burbank stated that Miller’s records were of public interest and that said interest outweighed any right-to-privacy Miller has/had.

I suppose that is the price you pay when seeking an elected office.

Those documents can be found here. It’s a link to the PDF made available by the Anchorage Daily News. There appears to be some duplication of material and the first email (in chronological order) begins on the last page of the PDF, as an FYI.

I am re-posting the link made available to me by my editor Andrew Sheeler of the UAF Sun Star (the paper I write for).

No word yet on how Democratic candidate Scott McAdams or write-in candidate Lisa Murkowsi are incorporating the information into their campaign but one can easily guess.

To be honest, I have the feeling that this will be the next-to-last, if not the last “October Surprise” of this election year. Not only that, but I have the melancholic notion that very little people will care about this information. On that note, au revoir.

  1. I must say…that was a very entertaining read. As curious as I am about what is being “blanked”, they sure do leave a lot of surrounding information that makes it more obvious.

    • It’s akin to (and I’m joking when I say this): “I’m going to put my ________ inside of the ________ when I get back. As soon as you can _________ my __________ that would be appreciated. I know how hard it is to ________ on such short notice, but hey, sometimes we have to _______ it up the ________.” Just call me Mr. Inappropriate.

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