Au Revoir, Mrs. Palin

In Alaskana on October 27, 2010 at 11:59 pm

I mean this literally when I say “When will Sarah Palin cease to matter?”

I answer with a “When we stop paying attention to her.”

Maybe it seems melodramatic to ask such a question but, I’m tired of listening to her. I’m tired of reading about her. I’m tired of giving her undeserved attention. If she’s awarded the Noble Peace Prize, then we can talk. Until then, au revoir I say, no more blogging for you.

  1. I agree, let us all shun her together. Maybe then that family will go away and stop being media whores.

  2. I think Sarah Palin only came to attention because McCain was trying to appeal to the far right in the 2008 campaign, and she is still around because she DOES appeal to them. All the Joe Miller’s around the country are simply trying to ride that wave. At the end of the Bush Admin. a lot of people were justifiably angry, and anger very easily slips into mindless “us vs. them” feelings. Palin and the Tea Party are hijacking the anger originally felt towards the Bush Admin and selling it with simplistic slogans to those who don’t want to think too much. Sarah Palin won’t disappear for a while I don’t think (although god I wish she would). She may end up becoming the next Rush. Even when all this economy hoopla calms down, she will still have an audience.

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