Adventures in blogging: Coilhouse

In Blog Culture, Culture on November 17, 2010 at 10:04 pm

I am loquacious. However, my tongue falls short in describing Coilhouse. As such, I can do so only by reinterpreting lines spoken in the film Kingdom of Heaven.

What is Coilhouse?
Nothing…and everything!


Who: Coilhouse was founded by Nadya Lev, Zoetica Ebb and Meredith Yayanos.

What: “COILHOUSE is a love letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists. And because it no longer exists, we take from yesterday and tomorrow, from the mainstream and from the underground, to construct our own version. We cover art, fashion, technology, music and film to create an alternative culture that we would like to live in, as opposed to the one that’s being sold or handed down to us.” – From their Mission Statement.

When: October 2007.

Where: Coilhouse.

Why: Because you need a break from watching re-runs of The Daily Show and from scouring the Huffington Post‘s comment section. Yes, that is all well and good but sometimes you need something a little bit different. Which is to say: better.

Better? Yes. Here’s why: Go to their main page and scroll through their list of categories. What do you see?

If you’re going to be lazy about it I’ll give you my favorite five (which is an arbitrary number): Better than coffee, Crackpot visionary, Cthulhu, Grrrl and Testing your faith.

The number of topics they cover within those awesomely-worded categories are also impressive: documentaries on this death cult in Mexico, Islamic fashion, a food fight photo shoot (NSFW), William Shatner mouthing “KKaaahhn!” on an infinite loop and a list of the top ten most preternaturally beautiful men.

I’m not even chuckling wryly. You need to check the site out NOW.


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