A cinematic prophylactic: “Antichrist”

In Cinema on November 20, 2010 at 12:43 am

There is a film by Lars von Trier called “Antichrist.”

If you watch it you will not have sex for days afterward. Even masturbating will be difficult. Sleeping will be impossible. Every waking moment in bed will be spent thinking about it. If you do manage to fall asleep you will dream about it. Those dreams will not be pleasant.

The film will leave you mentally scarred, emotionally distraught and physically drained.

Consider this a dare. I dare you to watch it. Hell, you can even borrow my copy if you want.

Good luck. If you survive the film, feel free to steal this badge I made just for it’s survivors.


  1. I will never have an orgasm again.

  2. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, before the dare was put into place. I still think that should count. The first scene was stunning but the rest of the film left me feeling a little uncomfortable to say the least. Especially the scene I’m gonna nickname “blood penis.” I can think of gross stuff to put into films too, but that doesn’t make me do it (Maybe that’s why I’m not a critically acclaimed filmmaker!)

    “Chaos Reigns,” what a great line, coming out of a fox’s mouth was an interesting touch.

    Here’s to order,

    Jesse Hoff

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