Joe Miller: GOP candidate, egotistical cry-baby

In Political on November 22, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I’m gonna try and make this short and sweet, but no promises.

Joe Miller is pissing me off. Not just me, but the Alaska Republican Party as well. To save my Facebook friends’ news feeds from my periodic bitching I shall do the aforementioned bitching entirely in one place using the article linked above.

The Associated Press last week called the race for Murkowski, who had a 10,328-vote lead over Miller. Her total includes 8,159 ballots contested by Miller observers. Excluding those, she had a 2,169-vote lead.
Okay, first things first. Even with all of those “contested” ballots, Joe. Murkowski still has a lead over you. A 2,000 vote lead. Enough to win.

State law stipulates that write-in ballots must have the provided oval filled in and the candidate’s last name or name written as it appears on their declaration of candidacy.

“Defendants nevertheless have decided to ignore the statute and create ‘exceptions’ to count ballots that do not satisfy these clear requirements,” the 21-page lawsuit filed in Fairbanks states. “By so doing the defendants have violated the mandatory legislative requirements and fundamentally altered the election.

No, the defendants haven’t altered the election. Even if the Division of Elections stripped Murkowski of those 8K contested ballots she’d still will. The election would not have been fundamentally altered as she would win anyway. Remember those 2K votes?

The state, however, cites case law in counting Murkowski ballots containing misspellings or those phonetic to her name. Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, who oversees elections, defends the procedure and says the state doesn’t want to disenfranchise any voters.
Thirdly: The way they are counting the ballots isn’t new. The stated they would do so prior to the election. If you had had a problem Joe, you should have whined sooner.
The complaint maintained that write-in candidates like Murkowski have a substantial advantage because of the state’s practice of hand-reviewing write-in ballots to determine voter intent. Ballots for other candidates went through automatic machines.
An advantage, to say, having your name on the fucking ballot? People had to write in her name and fill in the oval. All your supporters had to do was fill in the godforsaken oval. No, that is not a substantial advantage. You had the substantial advantage by being on the ballot. You are thwarting the will of the people, Joe. Those same people you claimed to be running for and listening to.
Speaking of your supporters:
The Alaska Republican Party has urged Miller to concede.
Dude, your own supporters want you to stop. When did this Alaskan Senate Race become the Joe Miller Power Hour? You lost. Your party lost. The only difference being they know it and you don’t. Give it up, Joe.

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