The day I became an adult

In Drink, Health on November 30, 2010 at 12:33 am

I became an adult today.

No, not the time I moved out on my own. Not the time I lost my v-card. Nor the time I bought my first vacuum (which I still have, btw – a sweet little red Dirt Devil).

I became an adult TODAY because I found out I have a problem with my triglycerides.

Triglycerides? Another word for “fat in your body” and I’ve got a lot of it. A healthy guy my height should be between 10 – 140 mg/dl (milligrams per decilitre). Where I’m at is 273. Yeah, yikes.

The point of adulthood was further pounded in to me when my wife (another sign of adulthood, perhaps?) told me to not only watch how much orange juice I drank (sugars!) but to also avoid eating a snack so late in the night. Sure that snack was bacon that my father left over, but…

So, what’s a boy, er, man to do? Eat healthy, look good and try to beat all the other healthy bastards at doing it?

That and take a page out of Courage Wolf’s Guide to Life.

Wine has grapes in it, right? And grapes = fruit. So, that means I can have a lot of it and it’s still good for me, yeah? Photo by Jeremia Schrock
  1. Use any sweet filters on this photo? Looks like it could benefit from a fluorescent light filter, if you’ve got one.

  2. yeah snacks after like 9pm are kind of bad for you (unless you’re in the habit of staying up until 2am, then it’s merely dinner). I too am guilty of the “but ____ has lots of _____ in it! It must be healthy!” thinking. I have used that for cookies (they had oatmeal), pie (fruit!), and carrot cake (it has carrots in the name!) Be strong my manly friend!

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