Russia & Qatar to host World Cups (via nathan the alien)

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2010 at 8:41 pm

As a footie fan, I find this post intriguing. This is the first thing that I read concerning where the next World Cup’s will be held.

I have to agree with the author that Qatar is not the most choice location for fans. However, the games in Qatar won’t take place until 2022. Who knows what kind of change could occur in the country within the next 12 years?

I also agree that the games in Russia will probably provide a much-needed boost to the host cities image and economies. I say good for them. Russia has a history with the sport and could use a good dose of football.

Russia & Qatar to host World Cups Congratulations to the people of Russia & Qatar (and the rest of the Middle East).  I am really pleased for you and hope you enjoy the World Cups and that your nations benefit in a positive way. Of course, being an Englishman, I was gutted that England did not win the vote.  And my favourite for 2022 would have been Australia.  But never mind there is no point having sour grapes and I am not writing this post out of bitterness.  However, I am … Read More

via nathan the alien


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