Blogging REDUX and other pretentious comparisons

In Blog Culture on December 24, 2010 at 12:47 am

I may have just had an epiphany. Or an aneurysm. When it comes to sudden flashes on insight (or supposed insight) I can never be sure. What I think just happened was that I realized my blogging sucks.

I thought blogging was supposed to be “news with a personal touch.” (My definition for “blog” as far as I can tell). Like an editorial only with more cursing (and not the Casey Grove “Shit List” kind, even though I feel for the guy). No, blogging is supposed to be more editorial meets diary: Bridget Jones meets Fox News. (That encapsulation just made me shiver…a Fox News comparison? Really, man?)

Blogging is, I think, more of a Barclay’s Commentaries instead of The Bible. I didn’t write the book of life, I just highlight and make notes. So…consider this an upgrade from a Sharpie Permanent Marker to an ACCENT Highlighter. Oh yeah, I just went there.


Did you just hear that? That’s the sound of the ACCENT, baby, and here we go.


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