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White is a terrible color

In Fashion, Humor on December 3, 2010 at 1:48 pm

To wear. What? Not every post on here has to tackle some big geo-political issue! I’m talking about for dress shirts! It’s a great color, and looks simply fab, except it stains easily…and if it’s just a wee bit too small…is painfully obvious. Why must such a wonderful thing be so hard to pull off?

That last sentence sums up oh-so-many things, no?


Adventures in blogging:

In Blog Culture, Fashion on December 1, 2010 at 1:01 am

I am a man. Therefore, it is imperative that I understand certain things about being a man.

What sort of things does this include?

  1. Change a roll of film.
  2. Defeat an internet virus.
  3. Drive on icy roads.
  4. Brew a good pot of coffee.
  5. Fold laundry.
  6. Tie a tie.

In fact…I think everyone should know these things, not just us guys. You know why? Because, lets face it, women look fantastic in ties. That being said, people should know how to tie a tie.

I first seriously contemplated my lack of tie tying knowledge when a photographer friend of mine (dressed-to-the-nines in a fashionable grey suit) helped put on a political debate between two senatorial candidates. Needless to say he looked great but was having serious tie trouble. In the end, a female friend of his fixed him up.

What: This event ultimately led me to discover the not-so-secret art of tying a tie. I did so here:

Who: Caspar Isemer.

When: The site was begun in 2003 and has been helping people know what they heck to do with a tie ever since.

Where: In case you missed it the first time:

Why: Because every fashionable person should know how to tie a tie. Ties look good which means they can help you look better. Besides, our state’s (Alaska) late great former senator Ted Stevens went to Congress in a Hulk tie.

Oh yeah, when he put the tie on you knew this guy meant business.   AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke.

If Stevens did it, it must be alright. 🙂

From the Press Section: Miller v. McAdams

In Fashion, Political, UAF on October 23, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Here are a few things I noticed during last night’s (Oct. 22) senatorial debate between candidates Joe Miller (R) and Scott McAdams (D) in the Schaible Auditorium at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. Lisa Murkowski (I)was invited to the event, but declined. According to a Facebook friend of mine, Murkowski was visiting veterans at the Pioneer Home.

Joe Miller gesticulates during an Oct. 22 debate hosted by ASUAF.

Concerning Miller:

  • The Gear: Business-casual. Blue jeans with a sport coat is the choice for a candidate trying to look both relaxed and professonal. I believe he should have worn a darker button-up. It would have added to his mystique and bearded gents, in my opinion, always look better in darker solid colors.
  • The Voice: Miller is Yale and West Point educated. If anyone should have a measured and punctuated speaking voice it should be an academically trained commissioned military officer. Such an individual has been trained at giving orders and giving them well.
  • The Message: He answered some questions, but generally stuck to his talking points.
  • The Kicker: He is an intimidating guy. More then once I found myself determined to hold eye-contact with him. He has piercing eyes and hates the media (which was the capacity I was in).
  • Heard Afterward: “He’s as slick as shit.”

Scott McAdams during an Oct. 22 debate at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks.

Concerning McAdams:

  • The Gear: Business. McAdams was, to copy-cat How I Met Your Mother, “politically-suited up!” The suit was alittle too “standard Democrat” for my taste, but the tie was fantastic. As was the state of Alaska lapel pin. I would recommend McAdams dress down a bit more. I’m not saying blue-jeans and a flannel, just not a typical politicians get-up.
  • The Voice: His voices wavers at moments, but is generally measured. When he get’s going on an issue he’s passionate about it and it shows.
  • The Message: Answered a majority of the questions without relying heavily on his talking points.
  • The Kicker: His message and ideas were strong but he lacked pizazz. He could stand to thump the podium a little more often.
  • Heard Afterward: Me: “Who do you think won the debate?” A Pub Patron: “The guy with the Hitler-stache!”

If you attended the debate and have thoughts you’d like to sure (whatever they may be) feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Men’s Fall Fashion feat. Sam German

In Alaskana, Fashion, UAF on September 9, 2010 at 8:23 pm

It’s September again. That means (for many of you) it’s back to the academic grindstone. However, just because higher education can sometimes be a royal pain doesn’t mean you can’t at least look like (Alaskan) royalty. My good friend Sam was kind enough to sport some duds a few weeks back. Here are a few of the highlights.

Brown wool 'I.N.C.' sport coat // multi-colored handmade scarf // red cotton button-up shirt // silver class ring

'Silver Gulch Brewery' knit hat // black 'Eighty Eight' cotton button-up shirt // multi-colored scarf

Black 'Eighty Eight' button-up shirt w/stripes // wool Scottish checkered scarf // Irish tweed flat cap by 'Mavili's Hat' of North Vancouver

Gray wool Irish flat cap by 'Mavili's Hats' of North Vancouver // brown 'I.N.C.' wool coat // blue denim 'Levi' jeans // white 'Adidas' running shoes // multi-colored scarf

Whether you’re a new student or a returning one, there is absolutely no reason why a guy can’t look his best both in the classroom, at the office, or gallivanting around the quad. Say, does UAF even have a quad? Take a hint from me, when you look good you feel good. Simple as that.

Plus. it never hurts to break out a sport coat or a nice button-up from time to time. Besides, those t-shirts of yours could use a wash, no?