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Surviving Alaska: Freezing (rain) photos

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Footsteps in the slush.

On November 22, a freezing rain storm forced the closure of the University of Alaska – Fairbanks campus. The rain continued to fall over the next several days which not only resulted in three days worth of canceled classes (the first time the campus had been closed in over 35 years), but also a rare photo opportunity for Alaskans. The photos below are courtesy of Kelsey Gobroski and were taken on the UAF campus between November 22-24, 2010.

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To remind us of warmer days

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An Alaskan sunset while the sky was still blue and the trees green. Summer/2010. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

Denali National Park as seen from the Eielson Visitor Center (66mi into the Park Road). Summer/2010. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

The Spit (Homer, AK) as seen from Diamond Ridge. Summer/2010. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

The sun overlooks a 1930's-era cabin in the Livengood Mining District (90mi N. of Fairbanks). Summer/2010. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

The Kesugi Ridge trail in Denali State Park taken during a summer hike in 2010. Photographer Jesse Hoff can be seen in the foreground. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

The hills around the Tanana Valley (Alaska) as seen from Ester Dome. The sun and smoky horizon mean only one thing to Alaskans: summertime. 2010. Photo by Jeremia Schrock

UPDATE: Election Day Coverage at UAF

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UAF Wood Center polling station at 1:40PM.

A group of students stand in line to vote at the Wood Center's polling station (1:40PM).