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Blogging 101: Fears and Subliminations

In Blog Culture on December 25, 2010 at 1:34 am

Blogging is fun, but also difficult. I access my blog (almost) every day in order to check my stats, layout and overall choice in content. Yes, even after I post I will sometimes regret having done so. It’s nerve-racking, but you get used to it.

Sometimes I slam my metaphorical head into my screen in an (oftentimes) fruitless attempt at coming up with a topic. I’ve spoken to several colleagues about my blogging (Andy and Heat, I’m lookin’ at you two) and have struck upon only a few truths: keep the posts short, frequent and interesting. It sounds like a metaphor for sex and can be just as tiresome.

My biggest bitch is “what exactly am I going to write about?” Sometimes I don’t post. Sometimes I just write and leave a post unfinished for several days. Sometimes such drafts get “left behind” (har har) in the proverbial “to do pile” only to be revisited and determined to be no longer timely or simply dull.

What I am often told is “keep blogging!” Well, that’s much easier said then done. A watchful blog reader will notice I don’t always post on a regular basis. Sometimes I post every day for a week, while other weeks receive barely a post. (I *intend* to rectify that, so just sit tight.) What I truly despise about my blogging is when I feel forced to do so. The posts I (literally) churn out due to a sense of obligation are oftentimes the ones I dislike and the ones my readers dislike.

What have I learned since I’ve started blogging? The best posts are the passionate ones. Even if it’s short, as long as you write with fervor (don’t forget to spellcheck!) and from a place of intelligence, you will go far. But, even then there are times where the posts I put little effort or research into are the ones EVERYBODY hits. So, who knows? Give your all most of the time and you should be alright. Sounds like a metaphor or life, doesn’t it?