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The Tea Party: Deconstructed

In Political on November 20, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I’m not a fan of pilfering information from other people’s blogs or websites, but this is good. Good enough that I think it should be shared.

This is a quote from the Nov. 2010 editorial by Jim Nelson, editor of GQ:

What I want to know from Tea Partiers RE their hot simmering rage is, Where was it before? When it was called for—when your country needed it. Why weren’t you fired up and out in the streets in your colonial britches when President Bush drunk-drove the country into the hell of the Iraq war, which not only put our troops in harm’s way but has cost us—and here’s where I thought you might relate—possibly $900 billion (!) of your tax money? (More if you count the cost of caring for our soldiers, and please do.) Tea Partiers! Compatriots! We could have used your rage, your rabid hatred of taxation, and your Magic Markers in that fight. But you were nowhere to be found, because your anger had not yet been funded by corporate interests.
He encapsulates the Tea Party movement beautifully. Thank you, Mr. Nelson.
For the entire editorial, please go here.