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Surviving Alaska: Freezing (rain) photos

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Footsteps in the slush.

On November 22, a freezing rain storm forced the closure of the University of Alaska – Fairbanks campus. The rain continued to fall over the next several days which not only resulted in three days worth of canceled classes (the first time the campus had been closed in over 35 years), but also a rare photo opportunity for Alaskans. The photos below are courtesy of Kelsey Gobroski and were taken on the UAF campus between November 22-24, 2010.

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Adventures in blogging:

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I am a man. Therefore, it is imperative that I understand certain things about being a man.

What sort of things does this include?

  1. Change a roll of film.
  2. Defeat an internet virus.
  3. Drive on icy roads.
  4. Brew a good pot of coffee.
  5. Fold laundry.
  6. Tie a tie.

In fact…I think everyone should know these things, not just us guys. You know why? Because, lets face it, women look fantastic in ties. That being said, people should know how to tie a tie.

I first seriously contemplated my lack of tie tying knowledge when a photographer friend of mine (dressed-to-the-nines in a fashionable grey suit) helped put on a political debate between two senatorial candidates. Needless to say he looked great but was having serious tie trouble. In the end, a female friend of his fixed him up.

What: This event ultimately led me to discover the not-so-secret art of tying a tie. I did so here:

Who: Caspar Isemer.

When: The site was begun in 2003 and has been helping people know what they heck to do with a tie ever since.

Where: In case you missed it the first time:

Why: Because every fashionable person should know how to tie a tie. Ties look good which means they can help you look better. Besides, our state’s (Alaska) late great former senator Ted Stevens went to Congress in a Hulk tie.

Oh yeah, when he put the tie on you knew this guy meant business.   AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke.

If Stevens did it, it must be alright. 🙂