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The Tea Party: Deconstructed

In Political on November 20, 2010 at 4:38 pm

I’m not a fan of pilfering information from other people’s blogs or websites, but this is good. Good enough that I think it should be shared.

This is a quote from the Nov. 2010 editorial by Jim Nelson, editor of GQ:

What I want to know from Tea Partiers RE their hot simmering rage is, Where was it before? When it was called for—when your country needed it. Why weren’t you fired up and out in the streets in your colonial britches when President Bush drunk-drove the country into the hell of the Iraq war, which not only put our troops in harm’s way but has cost us—and here’s where I thought you might relate—possibly $900 billion (!) of your tax money? (More if you count the cost of caring for our soldiers, and please do.) Tea Partiers! Compatriots! We could have used your rage, your rabid hatred of taxation, and your Magic Markers in that fight. But you were nowhere to be found, because your anger had not yet been funded by corporate interests.
He encapsulates the Tea Party movement beautifully. Thank you, Mr. Nelson.
For the entire editorial, please go here.

Thanks a lot, Lisa

In Political on September 27, 2010 at 1:08 pm

I’m going to make a political prediction: Joe Miller is going to win the Alaskan senate race and the fault will be entirely Lisa Murkowski’s.


Because she will split Scott McAdams’ loose confederation of liberals, moderates, and Republicans who are against the Tea Party right down the middle. I am not making this up. Check out this Rasmussen poll and then get back to me.

According to the above poll, McAdams – an unknown before the primary – was only trailing Miller by 6 points on Aug, 31. Now, since Murkowski has entered the race, McAdams is trailing both Miller and Murkowski. And by a hefty margin.

Why should you care?

For several reasons:

  1. Murkowski had her chance to beat Miller during the primary. Even if we did not get the result we desired, the system still worked and we (and Murkowski) should respect it.
  2. Even if Murkowski does win, she will not be doing so as a Republican. This means that all of that “seniority” everyone is talking about will be stripped from her regardless.
  3. McAdams is a good candidate and not just because he isn’t Joe Miller. I am sure the not-Joe Miller fact attracted a lot of people to his cause (including me) but, now that we’ve actually had a chance to see him…he appears to be a good candidate.
  4. Murkowski is a die-hard conservative, and against many ideas and policies that I would consider progressive including gay marriage, pro-choice, and the recent health care reform bill. Why would liberals vote for someone like that if they had a viable option, which they do?
  5. The pro-Joe Miller constituent is far more united then those against it. As the above poll showed, Murkowski’s bid has divided those who remain against the Tea Party and taken only a small number of votes (6 points) away from Miller.
  6. A Miller victory means Alaska will have another ideological Sarah Palin in office; just this time at the national level.

What can we do about it?

Practically nothing besides voting for Scott McAdams. As my editor says half-seriously/half-jokingly, “Tell us how you really feel, Jeremia.” Well, this is how I really feel. Lisa Murkowski had her chance and missed it. Now, Alaska has to deal with the consequences.

Okay Tea Party, Let’s Talk

In Political on September 23, 2010 at 11:49 pm

The Tea Party is a convenient “party” primarily because, to be part of it, you don’t have to think. All you have to do is be angry at something and to do what you’re told. Why? Because it’s easier to carry out orders then to question them. Easier to be thought-for then to be thoughtful.

But, angry at what? Angry at the economy, the government, “big business”, Obama, health-care, abortion, feminism and anything that appears to jeopardize ones set of core (yet, unclear) beliefs. Go ahead and be angry, I say, but know why you’re angry. Know what orders you follow and why.

What are these core Tea Party beliefs? Abstract ideas like “values” and “family”. Single-voter issues like Second Amendment rights and abortion. The idea that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “ObamaCare” (which has negative connotations) is harmful to families. The idea that the supposed “all loving” Christian God of a handful of “Christian” extremists is the One True God…who apparently hates homosexuals and anyone who disagrees with Him. Are you finding your “god” in the Old Testament or the New? Wasn’t Jesus all about brotherly love and turning the other cheek (Matthew 5:39)?  The idea that the followers of Islam, who are currently constructing the Park51 community center and mosque, are the same followers of “Islam” as those who attacked the World Trade Center almost a decade ago. Yes, a decade ago. And what do we have to show for it? Two wars, trillions in debt, and a “double-dip” recession. Iraq is now a sick man in the Middle East, and Afghanistan remains in tatters.

The individuals who believe in the above are the same people who will gladly take their Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD’s) while demanding the “guvment” kindly remove themselves from their lives.

But, Tea Party folk, I ask you this:

Who hands you your PFD? Who offers student loans for your children? Who maintains the road system? Who insures pharmaceutical companies adequately test their medication? Who insures organic food is, indeed, organic? Who maintains the local animal shelter? Who provides a police force that one can call upon at any hour of any day? Who maintains our judicial system? Who maintains the armed forces who, by the way, receive an enlistment bonus, health insurance, and housing at a reduced rate (on top of receiving a salary)? Who puts out forest fires? Who maintains Medicare (health insurance for those over 65)? Who maintains Medicaid (health insurance for low income households)? Who prints our money?

Who, you ask, does all of this?

The socialist government that has been a feature of this country since before socialism was even a word.

I would end this blog by inviting Tea Partiers to flip open a copy of Websters Dictionary or perhaps to serf Wikipedia (and not Conservapedia) for a spell. All in the name of better understand of their own beliefs, where they come from and why they have them. If you’re willing to hollar and shout, don’t you want to at least know why you end up with a sore throat?

I’m willing to hear you out, if you’re willing to hear me out. Can we make a deal?